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Meet Victoria

Victoria Howard The Abbotsford Sweat Factory

Victoria Howard

Victoria is the visionary behind The Sweat Factory. When she relocated to Abbotsford she dreamed of creating a community that gave people the confidence to achieve their goals. Believing in the moto “It takes a village”.  The Sweat Factory opened its doors in November 2017 shorty after Victoria moved to Abbotsford from a city in Northern Alberta. Victoria has been in the fitness industry for over 15 years and get personal satisfaction of watching other achieve their goals.  When you work with Victoria you will have a team of health professionals that are there to support you including Chiropractors, Physio therapists, Naturopaths and RMTs at your service ready to keep you healthy and strong. Victoria is a Certified Sports Nutritionist and believes that no two bodies are the same. Her goal is to educate you and guide you in making intentional choices to achieve optimal health.

Victoria’s certifications include: Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Fascia Movement & Assessment, Level 1 & 2 Kickboxing Instructor,  Stress Resiliency and Fundamentals of Holistic Nutrition

Victoria started The Sweat Factory to help people like you realize your potential, inspire you to reach your goals and help you build the confidence you need to live a healthy lifestyle. 

Check out her classes at the EAST Abbotsford location. 


You're inspirational Victoria Howard. Always striving to be the best YOU. Thank you for being the calm in the last year of crazy
Lara Kustaski-Hein